Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Average LSAT scores by major

Here is a list of LSAT scores by major.  Perhaps there is selection bias with the lower N test takers, which may incline towards higher scores.   My guess is the variance for the higher N test takers will be much larger than the lower N test takers.  There are also some curiosities with the majors declared, such as government v. political science v. international relations.  Take from it what you will, I suppose. 

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  1. Good stuff, Stephen. It will help to dissuade me from giving what had been erroneous (if harmless) pre-law advising information. For a number of years I had said that political science (and its fellow travelers) was the 2nd most common pre-law major...to business. But these data suggest that it is far and away the most common path! It also demonstrates why NAU (and most liberal arts colleges) does NOT have an actual pre-law MAJOR. Law school counselors for decades have been arguing that people that ignore the liberal arts are poorly prepared for law school. Thanks for posting this Stephen!

    Glenn Phelps, Professor and Pre-Law Adviser, NAU